Friday, March 15, 2013

Sneak Peek ~ Queen of Dust

Julie's still tweaking it....
From the Prologue, "Goat Horn Woman":

Hear now the words of Matawai….

I am who am Matawai am Demon of the North. Queen of Antwari, Queen of Kuwari, I have taken a jewel of the mountains.

There will come a time when scholars will speak as though I were a sorceress, capable of turning dust into gold. They will say my name as though it means death and recount with horror the blood I’ve shed.

This is not new. I am a goddess of rumors and speculation. Listen in the marketplace; you will hear the frightened chatter. Sit in the temple halls, hear them whisper my name.

For I am the Goat Horn Queen of the mountains, forged from barren rock and brittle furs. I have redrawn the lines of Anseti, and now not even history dares deny me my name

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