Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fun Facts: Lady of the Court

I'm excited by the emails I'm getting about Lady of the Court.  However, I realize there are some things I need to clarify about that volume to avoid confusion.

1) Princess Abeti of Tiy is marrying Prince Iyuru of Oon Sati in a blood marriage.  A blood marriage is conducted when two nations who have a common enemy (in this case, the Antwari), form an alliance against that common enemy.  Though Queen Ituti of Tiy and King Miru of Oon Sati don't like each other (and we'll get to that later), they're not at war with each other.

2) The title of this volume (and of future volumes) will refer to a role within society.  The stories will reflect Selo's (and in some cases, Inya's) briefly flirting with that role.

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  1. Good stuff. It does help clarify things; give readers a sense of the level of depth to the stories.


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