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This is the complete map of the places Selo and Inya will travel.

These are the Anseti ("ahn-set-tee") nations in slightly more detail.

The Three Queendoms

The Three Queendoms are Tiy ("teey"), Soneti ("soh-net-tee"), and Kamati ("kah-mah-tee"), and are often called the Southern Queendoms.

Tiy is ruled by Queen Ituti II ("ee-too-tee"); its capital is Emseti ("em-set-tee") and its chief exports are horses, linen, amber, and gold.  Tiy is often touted as the oldest of the Queendoms.

Soneti is ruled by Queen Bathia V ("bah-tee-yah"); its capital is Emmethi ("em-met-tee") and and its chief exports are wine, goats, palm oil, and various metals.

Kamati has the longest coastline of the Queendoms.  From the capital city of Okhai ("o-kai"), it's ruled by Queen Ankara I ("ankh-kah-rah") and its chief exports are fish, olive oil, glass, and the highly coveted black clay.


Antwari ("ahn-twa-ree") is a western nation based in the high, rocky Western Mountains.  Ruled by Queen Matawai ("mah-tah-why"), the Antwari are a mixed society.  Dubbed Aitawar ("eye-tah-wahr") or "the Goat People," they are a warrior society with no formal trading agreements, and have been known to raid and pillage other territories for resources.  Matawai rules from the Royal Hall of Utuwa ("oo-too-wah").

Oon Sati ("oon-sah-tee") is a vast, wealthy mixed society ruled by King Miru ("mee-roo").  Its capital city is Uruma ("oo-roo-mah"), and its chief exports are silk, muslin, marble, blue clay, wine, silver, sheep, horses, wool, and sweet corn beer.  Oon Sati has a diverse landscape, ranging from grasslands, to lake country, to its eastern coast.


Amalia ("ah-mah-lee-yah"), also known as the Northern Territories, is the northernmost region of Anseti.  It is primarily desert country, with some fertile valleys, mountains, and oases.  Bordered by the Sea of Maliyu ("mah-lee-yoo"), it has the longest coastline of all the nations.

Amalia is a complex region; it has no single ruler and instead has several domains, each one ruled by a king or queen.  The Amalian inability to get along is infamous across Anseti, which is why outsiders typically prefer to remain outside except in matters of commerce.  The Amalian Nations all trade and export similar things - dates, nuts, red clay, gold, acacia wood, bath salts, desert flower oil, silk, muslin, linen, and glass.

Whenever the Amalians go to war with one another - and they do rather often - every other country remains neutral and has for the last thousand years.  However, whenever an outside force invades a single Amalian domain, its own sister nations will remain neutral and watch it fall.

The Northern Islands

The Northern Islands are actually known by many names; some are simply directly, such as the Northern Isles or the Far North.  Some are more colorful, such as the Glacial Islands, Glacial Cliffs, or the Frozen Queendom.  Located far across the Sea of Maliyu, the islands experience snowfall all year round.  Legend has it the incessant snow is an ancient curse.

The Isles of Antiyu (originally Atiyu)

The islands of the Antiyu ("ahn-tee-yoo") Sea are semi-mountainous and rich in gold.  It's governed by a group of sea merchants and has no single leader.

The Isle of Omet

Omet ("oh-met") is home to a great temple and the legendary Oracle of Omet.  The royal houses of Anseti regularly pay tribute to the temple at Omet, where a different person is chosen to channel the oracle every year.

Rivers of Anseti

Aysha ("a-sha")
Ai ("i")
Owaira ("o-why-rah")
Ulami ("oo-lah-mee")
Kayama ("ka-yah-mah")
Tiama ("ti-yah-mah")
Kamala ("kah-mah-lah")
Usetha ("oo-set-tah")
Ehsama ("eh-sah-mah")

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