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What is Selo & Inya?

Selo & Inya is an intended series of novelettes written by author Ankhesen Mié.  The artwork is designed by Jules Nguyễn and the series is published by Middle Child Press.  The series's title comes from its two female protagonists "Selo" and "Inya".

Who are Selo and Inya?

Selo ("see-low") is a young warrior woman from the Queendom of Tiy ("teey").  An orphan who's spent her whole life in an all-female society, her story begins with her foray into the Kingdom of Oon Sati ("oon-sah-tee"), a society of both men and women.

Inya ("in-yah") is Selo's traveling companion.  Inya is a nomad and herbalist who was born and raised in Oon Sati.  She is Selo's guide through mixed society, as well as her personal physician.

Where and when does Selo & Inya takes place?

Selo and Inya reside in a fictional world during ancient times.  Author Mié has spent several years drafting different continents and cultures in this world, and has finally decided to combine them into one planet.  The novelettes will focus primarily on the continent of Anseti and its surrounding islands, as well as the distant, frosty islands of the far North.

Why do we have Selo & Inya?

Growing up as a teenager in the 1990s, author Mié watched many shows with influential female leads (The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess, Alias, Dark Angel, The Net, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.), but not many of these television shows focused on women of color.  Since Mié cannot provide a television show, she offers regularly written novelettes instead meant to focus on the "Brown" girls, i.e. women of African, Asian, Polynesian, and Indigenous American descent.

The novelettes will focus on the strength, beauty, and character diversity of such women; readers can expect to meet queens, princesses, warriors, assassins, bounty hunters, tribal chiefs, oracles, priestesses, and more.

The novelettes are designed to be a short read, akin to watching a TV episode, and will be inexpensively priced, starting at $4.99.

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